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Monday, September 10, 2007

Coming Monday at 6:00PM Arizona time, Dr. Gladys McGarey. Dr. McGarey is internationally recognized as the Mother of Holistic Medicine. In practice as a family doctor from 1946 to 2004, she relentlessly advocated and advanced the emergence of holistic patient care. Often ,in the early years, she experienced staunch opposition from a male-dominated medical establishment. In 1970, she co-founded the A.R.E. Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona, where she and her former husband pioneered the integration of allopathic and holistic medical practices, laying groundwork for the cultural shift of recent years. Among Dr. McGarey’s innovations for natural birthing was the Baby Buggy Program founded in 1978, featuring a fully-equipped paramedical and emergency transport vehicle for home deliveries. Her ability to foster effective holistic self-management of debilitating chronic conditions has attracted patients from afar, including notable celebrities. Since 1979, she has offered intensive holistic healing programs such as the Phoenix Experience, a residential retreat currently held semi-annually in Carefree, Arizona.

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