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Saturday, April 11, 2009

APRIL 6 ARUN GANDHI - Being The Change He Wishes To See In The World

Arun Gandhi is the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi and continues his grandfather's legacy as he travels the world meeting with world leaders to help establish peace and non-violence in the world. He truly is an embodiment of what it means to BE THE CHANGE. Tune into this very special show as he shares with Therese about his work in India building schools for poor Indian children, the passing of his late wife Sunanda, his reasons for stepping down from the Gandhi Institute and beginning his own new Institute and much more. There is also a very special archived two hour interview with Arun from August 2006 on the archives where he shares profound stories of growing up with his grandfather.

APRIL 13 LITTLE GRANDMOTHER SELINA - Medicine Woman from Grandmothers Medicine Lodge

Little Grandmother Selina (Noogamijiij) is a Grandmother Medicine Bundle Keeper of the wabanaki People from Nova Scotia, Cananda. Wabanaki means "People of the Dawn" and is home of the Mi'kmaq Nation - where the land first greets the sun as it rises from Title Island. It is the land of the Eastern door. Little Grandmother Selina follows the path of the Sacred Pipe - the pipe she carries is more than 500 years old and is an Ancestral Healing Pipe of the Mi'kmaq Nation. With this sacred Medicine comes the Wisdom Teachings of the Ancient Ones that Little Grandmother Selina carries in her heart and shares with the world.

APRIL 20 ANN ALBERS and JAMES WALKER - Heaven and Earth

Ann Albers is a dynamic spiritual teacher, author and angel communicator who has a gift for sharing spiritual wisdom in a way that truly touches the heart so that you can incorporate it into your life. James Walker is a powerful spiritual healer and teacher of Tai Chi/Chi Gong who walks in truth and evokes that from his students. Together, Ann and James, blend their gifts beautifully to bring to you the wisdom of "Heaven and Earth" ... how to live a balanced life in the Divine and on Earth. They share with Therese tidbits from their upcoming workshop "Heaven and Earth" at the Sedona Creative Life Center, May 9, 2009. This is a very fun, light-hearted, uplifting show, so join in for a dose of inspiration and laughter!

APRIL 27 JULIA HUTCHINSON - Sharing Wisdom of Ayurveda

Julia Hutchinson is an Ayurveda Practitioner and Instructor. Ayurveda is an intricate, fascinating system of health and well-being from India claimed to be at least 5,000 years old, which creates balance of body, mind and spirit. It is said to have been channeled from the Rishis as part of the sacred Vedas as instruction on how to create balance so that your soul can evolve. Julia shares the foundational principles today with Therese about the three doshas - what they are, how to detect imbalance and what to do to balance them with foods, herbs, exercise, etc. Very powerful information to help you live an empowered, enlightened life. Julia is available for individual Ayurveda assessments and consultations and can be reached at

Tune in and listen for information to help you live an empowered, enlightened life! There are also 5 years of archives if you need an extra dose of inspiration! Click on "Radio" or "Radio Archives".

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