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Thursday, March 13, 2008

March 3 JOHN ENGLISH John English is an award winning author of "The Shift", a national speaker, shamanic healer and an entrepreneur who has successfully started three companies. John first recognized the human capacity to dream ones life into being almost two decades ago. This led him to the experiential path of shamanism where he has studied with Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D. And three other shamans. John shares his wisdom and talks about his newest classes and projects with Rev. Therese on "Intuitive Living", so please join us!

March 10 KAREN RUSSO Author of "The Money Keys ... Unlocking Peace, Freedom and Real Financial Power" Karen skillfuly directs you in how to live a prosperous, abundant life. Her trademark blend of spiritual authority and real-life humor, Karen Russo is an expert at linking universal spiritual ideas with practical strategies for building mastery in your money...and every area of successful living.

March 17 JAMES TWYMAN Know as the PEACE TROUBADOR, James travels the world speaking and teaching the principles of world peace. He is committed to shifting the consciousness of the planet and will be sharing with us the secrets of "THE MOSES CODE" his new movie and book soon to be released. Join us and hear how and where you can participate in the world premier and his world-wide peace vigil.

March 24 JOAN BORYSENKO Joan has gained a reputation as a leading pioneer in mind/body medicine and as one of the top spiritual teachers and inspirational speakers of our time. Her warm, humerous nature is comforting as she imparts her profound wisdom and insights. Joan will be sharing with us about her new book she co-authored with her husband, Gordon Dveirin, "YOUR SOUL'S COMPASS ... WHAT IS SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE", where they interviewed sages of 27 spiritual traditions to delve deeper into the understanding of how we can all learn to truly connect with our innate inner wisdom and spiritual essence to achieve enlightenment and self-realization.

March 31 DEBBIE JOHNSTONE Debbie is a gifted animal communicator who shares with us her journey of unfoldment into her own abilities as well as how we can all learn to connect more deeply with the animals in our life. Hear Rev. Therese's testimony of how Debbie helped her through a traumatic experience as well as readings of Rev. Therese's cats and an excerpt from Debbie's up and coming animal communication book. Debbie is seeking stories to be included in her new book and you may send those to her at .

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